I sure was disappointed, but a few minutes later, I
found another nugget. Although not nearly as
large as the first one, it was large enough to have
Dick Burrows put it on a ring for me, along with a
couple little "clinkers" that I found downstream.

So that is how it all started -- me, alone on a stream
infected with "the fever." But fortunately for me,
just a few short months later, the Lord gave me a
mining partner and life partner -- we have been
married 28 years now. Karen is a super writer, so I
will let her tell some of our mining experiences
Welcome to Gold Getter News: How I Got the Gold Bug . . .
Author: John Green, Publisher of GGN
Back in the fall of 1978, I gave a ride to a hitchhiker who started telling me about mining gold and got me interested enough that I
changed my plans and went to Northern California to an old mining town -- Downieville.

I am not capable of putting into words the feeling I got when I arrived in town, but I knew that I would spend some time there, so
I rented a kitchenette by the month.
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A Taste of Downieville
The next day I went to the local
mining shop where the owners, Dick
and Jim Burrows, sold me a book on
basic prospecting and a gold pan.
Dick Burrows and I went down to the
Yuba River, which flows through
town, and he showed me how to pan.
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The ring I had made
with some of the first
nuggets I found on the
Yuba in Downieville, CA
I just want to say that there is nothing like getting outdoors and enjoying
God's creation while looking for gold, platinum and rocks.

On this website we want people of all ages to learn how to find various
treasures and add new dimension to enjoying the outdoors.

Remember to always be respectful of the land and other people and their
right to use our natural resources. When you dig a hole and are finished with
it, fill it back up before leaving, thus protecting animals and people from
stepping in it. Remember to leave nothing behind when you leave.

Something we would like to do here is to provide an avenue for others to tell
about their mining and prospecting adventures. Send us pictures that we can
publish on the website and, in the future we will offer a way to upload your
videos as well.

We hope that you enjoy the website, we want this to be a site for the whole
It didn't take long to learn. The first pan I had color. The second
pan I had a little clinker that I put in a little bottle they sold to me to
put gold in. That is when the "gold bug" bit me and I have been
infected ever since.

The next day, I bought a sluice box and "oh boy" what a
difference! I wound up spending the winter there, partly because of
the gold, but mostly because I enjoyed the town and the people.

While I was there I sluiced almost everyday -- sometimes even
when it snowed. One day I was sluicing and Dick Burrows came
down to see how I was doing. A few minutes before he arrived, I
had found a large nugget in my sluice box -- the largest I have ever
found. But, afraid that I might lose it, I had picked it up with my
fingers, since the water was cold and I was wearing rubber gloves. I
put the nugget in my pocket for safe-keeping. When I reached in
my pocket the nugget wasn't there. Apparently, I had dropped it
while trying to put it in my pocket.
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