While the Cincinnati Mining Company discovered silver in the Shoshone
Mountains of Nye County as early as 1887, Berlin did not form until 1897. A
thirty-stamp mill was built and Berlin steadily grew until it had a population of
300 by 1905.

However, a miner's strike in 1907 ended the boom. A new operation from
1910 to 1914 kept a few people in the largely abandoned town. After that,
Berlin was empty except for the mine superintendent who remained on duty
until 1947.

Berlin now has more visitors than in its heyday. The remaining buildings and
mill have been restored and incorporated into the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State

Rangers call Berlin home and provide tours of both the town site and
Ichthyosaur interpretive center. Camping and an underground mine tour are
also available.

The Remains of Berlin Today:
Modern Home of Ancient Ichthyosaur
from Online Nevada
Photograph by S. Martin Shelton, courtesy of the Nevada State Historic
Preservation Office