In early 1906, Louis Gordon discovered high grade gold deposits in the heart
of the Toquima Mountains in Nye County. By spring, a small camp called
Gordon, after its discoverer, was established.

Gordon's population was more than 400 in the summer of 1906, and the
town was renamed Round Mountain.

This was one of the few places in Nevada where substantial hydraulic mining
took place, accounting for a significant percentage of gold production
through 1928.

Mining slowed after the 1950s and by the 1970s, the population was only
100. However, huge deposits of microscopic gold were discovered in 1976.

Yearly production is currently in the hundreds of thousands of ounces and
continues around the clock today. A new town, Hadley, was built in the valley
and much of Round Mountain has succumbed to the ever-growing open pit.
Round Mountain:
New Century, New Town
from Online Nevada